Grand Prize Winner

Our lucky grand prize winner is Judi from Broadwater with ticket number 3865. She chose to take the $50,000 cash to share with her kids. 

Judi shared "I buy quite a few lotto tickets, and my hubby says I never win anything, well I knocked the smile right off his face when I told him".

Early Bird Prize Winner

The Early Bird winner is Niamh from Mindarie, with lucky ticket number 613. She took the $10,000 cash to put towards revamping her kitchen. 

Niamh shared "I was over the moon! I buy tickets every year so the win this time makes it all worthwhile."

Bonus Prize Winner

The Bonus Prize winner is Stacey from Lancelin with ticket number 2,136. She is planning to put the $5,000 towards finishing off renovations.

Stacey shared "I still don't believe I have won! We recently saw the Variety Bash come through, so I decided to buy a ticket!". 

Past Winners

2021 Variety Car Raffle

Grand Prize: Roy, ticket number 1584

Early Bird Prize: Penny, ticket number 1122

Bonus Prize: Lorraine, ticket number 2668

2021 Variety Outback Adventure Raffle

Grand Prize: Daniel, ticket number 3378

Early Bird Prize: Cherly, ticket number 2018

Bonus Prize: Karren, ticket number 2607

2020 Variety Car Raffle

Grand Prize: Alan, ticket number 598

Early Bird Prize: John, ticket number 884

Bonus Prize: Wendy, ticket number 1838

2020 Variety Heart of Gold Raffle

Grand Prize:  Jessica, ticket number 3152  

Early Bird:  Stephanie, ticket number 725   

Bonus Prize:  John, ticket number 1310

2020 Variety Car Raffle

Grand Prize: Eileen, ticket number 1450

Early Bird: Charles, ticket number 2070

Bonus Prize: Gemma, ticket number 308

2019 Variety Outback Adventure Raffle

Grand Prize: Gaile, ticket number 2470

Early Bird: Glen, ticket number 1096

Bonus Prize: Carol, ticket number 218

2019 Variety Car Raffle

Grand Prize: Loella, ticket number 2020

Early Bird: Simon, ticket number 2688

Bonus Prize: Lisa, ticket number 709

2018 Variety Car Raffle

Grand Prize: Sara Hodgen, ticket number 756

Early Bird: Peter Lawrence, ticket number 1413

Bonus Prize: Stephen Lewis, ticket number 767