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Winners of the 2020 Variety Car Raffle will be announced here - watch this space!

2020 Variety Car Raffle Grand Prize Winner

The winner will be announced on 8 October 2020

2020 Variety Car Raffle Early Bird Prize Winner

Congratulations to our Early Bird winner, John from Hamersley with ticket number 884.   

John was so surprised to discover that he was the lucky winner of the $10,000 Early Bird Prize that he exclaimed "Holy Mackerel" when he received the call. John plans to use some of his new-found winnings to go on a road trip and discover some of the amazing natural attractions that we have right here in WA.

2020 Variety Car Raffle Bonus Prize Winner

Congratulations to Wendy from York, ticket number 1,838, who is our lucky Bonus Prize winner!

Wendy said she would share some of her $5,000 prize money with her children, and put the rest towards something she wouldn't normally buy, like new furniture.

Past Winners


2020 Variety Heart of Gold Raffle Results

Grand Prize:  Jessica, ticket number 3152  

Early Bird:  Stephanie, ticket number 725   

Bonus Prize:  John, ticket number 1310  


2020 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Eileen, ticket number 1450

Early Bird: Charles, ticket number 2070

Bonus Prize: Gemma, ticket number 308


2019 Variety Outback Adventure Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Gaile, ticket number 2470

Early Bird: Glen, ticket number 1096

Bonus Prize: Carol, ticket number 218


2019 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Loella, ticket number 2020

Early Bird: Simon, ticket number 2688

Bonus Prize: Lisa, ticket number 709


2018 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Sara Hodgen, ticket number 756

$10K Early Bird Draw: Peter Lawrence, ticket number 1413

$5K Bonus Draw: Stephen Lewis, ticket number 767