This year your
Christmas gift will
bring more happiness
than ever


This year your Christmas gift will bring
more happiness than ever

Sponsor a Child to Attend the Variety Kids Christmas Party

Every year the Variety Kids Christmas Party helps WA children who live with disability, serious illness or disadvantage to experience something most of us take for granted – precious time together as a family, a break from the worries of daily life and the chance to experience the joy of Christmas like all kids should.

This year - with the impact of COVID - Variety families are more isolated, more at risk, and under more financial strain than ever. For many families, a joyful Christmas and even a present under the tree is simply out of reach.

You Can Make a Difference. Sponsor a child today.


You can give WA kids in need the gift of happiness this Christmas by sponsoring them to attend the Variety Kids Christmas Party. A day of joy, laughter, fun and inclusion.

Your kind donation of $96 will give the gift of happiness by sponsoring a child in need and their parent or carer to attend the Christmas party.

“It was a wonderful day for us all! Josh has had a tough year with so much going on so it was a fantastic break for him to have some fun with his family. Thank you very much for including us. We really appreciate all you do." - Gemma, mum of Josh (11).

Every year children like Josh look forward to a break from their daily struggles knowing they can attend the Variety Kids Christmas Party. The party is an unforgettable day of fun where WA children living with serious illness, disadvantage or disability get the chance to simply enjoy being a kid.

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Please Make Your Urgent Gift Today

Please send your generous gift of $96 or whatever you can afford before our party on the 6th December 2020, and give a happy Christmas to a WA child in need.

Thank You

Thank you for supporting the Variety WA Christmas appeal. With no government funding, Variety - the Children's Charity relies on the generosity of people like you. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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