You can help give
comfort and care to
a child in crisis 


Donate a Variety Sunshine Pack for a child escaping abuse or neglect 

You can bring comfort to a child who is entering care by providing a Variety Sunshine Pack, filled with everything they need to help them settle in on their first night. 

Each pack is carefully put together by volunteers, including: two changes of clothes, underwear, pyjamas, toiletries, stationary, a reading book and a soft toy to cuddle.


By donating a Variety Sunshine Pack today, you can show a child in need that you care, at a time when their whole world has been turned upside down. Each pack costs $84, but any amount you can afford will make a difference.

An average 2 - 3 children are removed from violent, abusive or neglectful homes and placed in foster or other out-of-home care in WA each night. For many, it can be a sudden and traumatic experience, leaving children feeling scared and isolated. Donate today and help bring comfort to a child as they begin their path to a brighter future.  

“He was so excited when he opened his pack and saw all of the amazing things inside. He spent hours drawing in his colouring book, playing with the toys, even making sure that everything in his bag had its own place in his new bedroom." – Foster carer

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Let a child know you care, donate a pack today

Donate $84 or whatever you can afford to help a child in crisis on their path to a brighter future. 

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