You can help a child in crisis 

feel cherished and cared for


Provide an emergency pack for a child escaping abuse

You can bring comfort to a child who is entering crisis care, by donating an emergency pack to help them settle in on their first night, and let them know someone cares. 

Donate an emergency essentials pack filled with: two changes of clothes, underwear, pyjamas, toiletries, stationary, a reading book and a soft toy for them to cuddle.


You can make a child’s traumatic experience more bearable by gifting them an emergency essentials pack. Each pack costs $84, but any amount you can afford will make a difference.

“Providing a child with warm pyjamas, toiletries, a soft toy and a book or two makes such a difference to a child who doesn't have a lot to call their own and can offer some comfort under difficult circumstances." – domestic violence worker

Sadly, on average every night in WA, three children have to be removed from violent or abusive homes, and placed into crisis care.  That’s 1,100 WA kids who enter crisis care each year, through no fault of their own. Help a child escaping abuse by gifting them an emergency essentials pack to start their new life. 

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Let a child know you care, donate a pack today

Donate $84 or whatever you can afford to help a child in crisis on their path to a better & brighter future. 

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